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This is my introduction video. I talk a little about myself and the types of lessons I teach, mostly so you can get sense of my personality. 

Read the rest of this page to learn about my methods and why I developed them. 

Lesson Type & Services

Speaking for Fluency

This is a thorough course for serious learners. 4-6 hours per week, lots of study, practice and training. Very effective. Weekly tutoring sessions with personalized attention to your specific needs. 


That's it, just conversation. There are a few corrections and suggestions, but it's mostly about flow and communication, so grammar isn't the first priority. 

General Instruction

These are unstructured lessons and their focus can change as we go. It's wide-ranging conversation about any topic, including English. Any skill area, anything you want to work on.

Producing Final Documents

Give me your documents for editing and proofreading - I've done everything from PhD & Masters thesis papers, journal & research articles, project plans, proposals and RFP, fiction, contracts and more.  

Writing Help

We work together in Google Doc to discuss and improve your writing in any style or for any purpose. 

You can also hire me to write for you.   

Test and Interview Preparation

  • Test preparation for exams like TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS 
  • Job interview preparation
  • Practice, coaching, attitude

About the Method

English Fluency Training


This method will train your mind and body to naturally produce meaningful and grammatically acceptable English without having to translate or consciously remember vocabulary or complex grammar rules and terms. Fluency, or natural language operates from the subconscious, just like your first language.

Traditional methods force us into a complex and poorly integrated system of ‘grammar’ rules, and very conscious processes such as translation, memorization and recall. These will never lead to fluency because they do not activate the subconscious areas of the brain that are responsible for fluency and speaking. We don’t need such a complex grammar system, and we didn’t have one when we learned our first language. To understand the important role that the subconscious plays in fluency, just think about how your native language functions compared to how your English works. 

We help you develop a subconscious framework for English, similar to the one that you have for your first language. But as adults we can’t just absorb a language the way a child does; we still need the assistance of instruction that addresses the subconscious capabilities of the human mind to grasp language patterns and use them.  

Ubu English uses a simple semantic grammar system that shows us how words and phrases combine, and how their relations produce meaning. It’s just a set of simple concepts, with very few rules and terms, and lots of speaking practice to help you build the subconscious framework you need to reach fluency. As your mind starts to grasp this system and its mental and motor patterns, the subconscious will take over the learning process and do the hard work for you.

We study these basic concepts, applying and observing them in practice, and focus on speaking and producing well understood English. You will learn the essential forms and patterns of English and get a lot of practice using them to speak. It is this combination of mind and body training that the brain needs to develop the mental links and physical coordination needed for fluency. 

You will learn by doing, in a natural process, and as your brain develops, your new abilities will begin to appear, just like in that moment when you discovered you were riding a bicycle for the first time.

Who is Ubu English for?


The course is for intermediate to advanced students who are serious about becoming fluent in English but still have difficulty, especially when speaking. If you can read this site and get something like 65% or more of the meaning, you're well prepared for this course. 

This approach is not difficult, but it is also not easy. Success is literally about rewiring your brian so fluency can happen. This means training for at least 2-3 months if you want really noticable results. 

Other than that, the method is for anyone who wants to improve their English. Other classes, like Conversation, are for more casual learners.

How it works

Learn online with Skype and Google Docs. You will be given study materials, practice activities and assignments, if you want them, or have signed up for the course. You schedule lessons when you want or need them (courses usually have at least one Skype lesson per week). Other video chat applications are available if you can't use Skype.

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